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I Don’t Understand – Getting Employees Onboard

Young man with doesn't know gesture

What happens when employees don’t understand?

What is the hardest part of implementing new processes in your business? For most companies, it is learning the new process and actually getting people to do things differently?

Michael Hammer, the business-process-reengineering guru, stated “The hard stuff is the soft stuff.” What he …

What’s your economic recovery plan?

Ember Carriers

Moving you from possibility to results

In tough times, harnessing the power of your workforce is a must. But research shows that only 22% of organizations provide training to engage and empower their people. Be sure you’re one of them.  Now is not the time to HOPE you have developed …

Feedback is Useless: FEEDFORWARD for Productivity

When I dig into the most frequent failure of managers – the failure to give timely, effective feedback – I find both fear and frustration. Fear that giving feedback will make people angry or shut them down, that they will disengage with their manager. Frustration that conversations often turn to …

Navigating Your Future – Using a GPS

Long before people even imagined gizmos for their cars called GPS devices…there were navigators.

Octant or Hadley's Quadrant - Royal Ontario Museum

Octant or Hadley’s Quadrant  (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

The role of the navigator was to help a ship’s captain determine where he wanted to be and compare it to where the ship actually was. Only then did …

The Role of the Executive Coach

Women in business

Executive Coaches are essential

Several aspects of organizational management are challenging to new company leaders. In recent years, companies throughout the world, particularly in the United States, have begun collaborating with executive coaches and building in-house coaching teams. Executive coaches specialize in smoothing the adjustment process after a promotion for …

Employee Engagement Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee engagement is just one of several factors that managers, CEOs, and other business leaders must invest in to create an optimal workplace. Studies and statistics support the idea that employee engagement is critical to the productivity and success of any business. According to a study by …