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Becoming a Change Leader

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Lead the change

It is essential for leaders not only to accept change but also to create it, say experts. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, this requires leaders to have four capabilities:

  • to be a dynamic strategist
  • to be a courageous innovator
  • to be emotionally and culturally

I Don’t Understand – Getting Employees Onboard

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What happens when employees don’t understand?

What is the hardest part of implementing new processes in your business? For most companies, it is learning the new process and actually getting people to do things differently?

Michael Hammer, the business-process-reengineering guru, stated “The hard stuff is the soft stuff.” What he …

The Exhilarating Edge of Terror

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Wtimer & Associates –

Change is hard. Usually uncomfortable. Sometimes terrifying.

Whether it’s terrifying or discomforting, we’re wired to resist change. Change is risky. Our instincts go on high alert. We could fail . . . get embarrassed . . . offend someone. Besides, we’re comfortable with our old …

Creating A Culture Of Change – Guidelines for Leaders

A common mis-perception is cultural change has to start at the top of an organization. However studies have shown that culture change begin with the sub-culture of a

Change Ahead

Direct the direction of change

work-group or team where a leader who is one or two levels down from senior management decides …