10 Tips to Improve Employee Development

Companies must maintain workers’ skills and improve their performance if they are to retain a competitive advantage, and there are a number of ways to do this within a budget.  With downsizing and cost-cutting, companies have fewer people and growing workloads, creating a greater need for proper employee development.

A recent survey from international staffing firm OfficeTeam found that 45 percent of human resources (HR) managers cited training and development as their greatest staffing concern.

Business research firm Dun & Bradstreet offers companies 10 tips for introducing an effective development program.

  • Employee development should be emphasized as an investment in the employee.
  • Companies must identify specific skills and behaviors to be improved and the timeline for meeting those goals.
  • Firms should encourage a learning culture to express the importance of all workers becoming more competitive in their skill sets.
  • Employee development programs should involve the support of management at all levels of the organization.
  • Effective employee development should start out small to allow for fine-tuning.
  • Companies should choose professional facilitators with valuable education materials.
  • Choose a training area with enough space and equipment.
  • Firms must clarify their goals and make sure employees know the specific purposes for the development program.
  • Make employee development a continuous process.
  • Finally, companies should track the results.

Training can be beneficial to employees at nearly every level of the company.  The impact of a development can extend further if the employee sees the link between the training and their abilities to contribute to the company’s mission, business plan and goals

Source: ThomasNet (09/28/10) Leybovich, Ilya

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