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Studying Business Failure to Achieve Business Success

Knowing Business Failure has Resulted in Business Success

Study Business Failure to achieve Business Success

Study Business Failure to achieve Business Success

We can write about business success, however we need to learn from business failure.  Once I mentioned at a business forum that I study “failure”. The look I received was of shock and puzzlement.  Why …

Putting the Excellence in Operations

Managers are able to continuously enhance an organization’s decision, investment, asset performance, service delivery, and human resources capabilities through operational excellence, writes BTM Corp.’s Diana Mirakaj. Operational excellence has been primarily affiliated with the optimization of production- and manufacturing-related business processes, and measuring success was mainly based on an ability …

The World Is Four Degrees Of Separation Apart

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The degrees of separation between any one of Facebook’s 800 million users is close to 4, on average—much less than the “six degrees of separation” notion people throw around.

Within the same country, the degrees of separation between any two users declines to nearly 3.

“While 99.6% …

The Future is not iPads – Does Your Business have True Vision

iPad with on display keyboard

I have to first say that I have iPad envy or any tablet like devices that is just plain cool.  Last week, Microsoft posted a futuristic video which showed future-people working, playing, and living in a world filled with touch screens.

Many were impressed by the video and tweets went …

How to Motivate and Retain Knowledge Workers in Organizations

Retain Your Knowledge Workers

Globalization, the proliferation of technology, workforce diversity, and the knowledge society are creating complex workplace interactions that require people to handle ambiguity and solve problems based on experience or tacit knowledge. Knowledge workers who have the ability to:

  • process
  • synthesize
  • generate knowledge

In order to problem-solve …