Employee Engagement Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee engagement is just one of several factors that managers, CEOs, and other business leaders must invest in to create an optimal workplace. Studies and statistics support the idea that employee engagement is critical to the productivity and success of any business. According to a study by global consulting firm Blessingwhite, organizations with high employee engagement had a total shareholder return of 19 percent above average. In contrast, organizations with low engagement had a total shareholder return of 44 percent below average. Engaged employees are much more likely to remain with their companies than disengaged employees. Another study by Gallup that covered 50,000 business in 34 countries found that organizations with higher than average employee engagement rates have double the odds of success as organizations with below average engagement rates. Employee engagement affects nearly every aspect of company performance, including attendance, turnover, growth, productivity, and profitability.

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