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Navigating Your Future – Using a GPS

Long before people even imagined gizmos for their cars called GPS devices…there were navigators.

Octant or Hadley's Quadrant - Royal Ontario Museum

Octant or Hadley’s Quadrant  (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

The role of the navigator was to help a ship’s captain determine where he wanted to be and compare it to where the ship actually was. Only then did …

Engaging employees in turbulent times

I stopped watching the broadcast news on a regular basis several years ago.  But you don’t have to be a news junkie to feel the anxiousness of people.  Between the results of the 2012 election, economy and the fiscal cliff people are worked up.


Sharing stories of engagement

This also …

Business Success Can Breed Failure

Death of a business

Death of a business

During a conversation with a strategic business colleague, Gary Rushin regarding success and business the conversation drifted to his recent blog post.  With his permission I have reposted  his post for the Ember Carrier tribe. We have all heard about the stories of companies that once …

3 Simple Ways to Improve EBITDA

In 2012, too many organizations will throw money down the toilet.  Again.  How?

Improve Your Bottom Line

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • their leaders believe that disengaged employees are few and far between
  • managers get too busy to use even the simplest practices to engage people
  • no one measures bleeding cash when top performers go

Creating A Culture Of Change – Guidelines for Leaders

A common mis-perception is cultural change has to start at the top of an organization. However studies have shown that culture change begin with the sub-culture of a

Change Ahead

Direct the direction of change

work-group or team where a leader who is one or two levels down from senior management decides …

Everyone Wants to be Innovative and Most Fail

Everyone wants to be innovative

And guess what?…corporate culture is not the answer!

While many companies dream of becoming Apple, most linger in the same innovation-lite purgatories associated today with RIM, Kodak, and Sony.sumo suit online

Meanwhile, despite their best efforts and historical legacy, countless other organizations are no …