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Dispelling Employee Engagement Myths

Dispelling Engagement Myths

Dispelling Engagement Myths

Over the years, conversations with scores of HR and operating executives have convinced us that employee engagement is a huge driver of value, and worth of measuring.  But there are myths to dispel—

Myth 1:  Engagement metrics aren’t linked to financial/operational value

Despite the fact that 96% …

When Resigning A Job – Make A Graceful Exit

Making a graceful exit

I remember the first time I resigned from a position.  I was extremely nervous as I walked into my bosses office because I was recruited by another company that accelerated my career.  It was a great offer and while I was not unhappy with my current …

5 tips for creating effective review

Performance Evaluation

As most HR professionals know, an employee review is an essential part of building an effective organization. Just like smart recruiting helps you get the best possible talent, a well-developed employee review process allows you to develop that talent. Conducting reviews takes experience to finesse, but is worth …

Make Employee Development a Winning Investment

Invest in your workforce

Invest in your workforce

Small businesses tend to regard training as an optional expenditure.  The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) has found that companies with fewer than 500 employees typically allocate fewer training hours per employee compared with larger companies but also end up spending more per employee.…

Emotional Intelligence: Go Ahead Cry, Laugh and Scream

A look of contemplation

It's okay to show your emotions

The concepts of emotional intelligence (EI), self-worth, authenticity and employee meditation used to tap employees’ emotional happiness are being picked up by mainstream corporations.

Brochner Hotels, one of Copenhagen’ s oldest and most successful boutique hotel chains, is one business discovering the benefits of …

What is Your Human Resource Story?

9-Box Tool

Charting Your Course

As the threat of falling back into a recession becomes more real with each passing day, employers are asking themselves, “What should we do now?” What makes it more challenging is that the trend in the most recent years has been slow recovery.

Employers may have designed …