Is Your Boss Overestimating Their Managing Skills?

More importantly are they estimating yours?  We all can’t be the next Donald Trump and Jack Welsch.  Many bosses need a major reality check and may want to reassess their skills and talent levels.

Consulting firm Development Dimensions International Inc. (DDI) has unveiled the results of its new survey of 1,100 front-line managers that was conducted in September:

  • 72%  of respondents said during their first year as manager, they never questioned their ability to lead others.
  • Further, managers were less likely to rate themselves as weak in several leadership attributes, including planning, communication, and adaptability.

Front-line managers identified their chief strengths as setting work standards, planning, and organizing, according to the survey, while delegating, coaching, and gaining commitment were cited as areas that needed more work. However, no more than 15 percent of managers identified any one of those as areas of development.  Industry to Industry, companies big or small.  As individuals we all have blinders on when it comes to our weaknesses.

Separately, DDI compared some managers’ self-assessments to performance in business simulations. Managers were found to consistently overrate their abilities in delegating and coaching and they did not display any consistent pattern of “hidden strengths.”

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford business professor and author of the book “Power,” says people tend not to comprehend the feedback they receive because they mishear or ignore criticism.

How effective are you as a leader?

Wall Street Journal (11/01/10) Light, Joe

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7 Responses to “Is Your Boss Overestimating Their Managing Skills?”

  1. Been There says:

    You hit a nerve with me as “I have been there”. I think the type of people that are attracted to being managers are, by definition, highly confident in themselves. The problem is that what the manager values and uses as their guiding principles in management, may not be what their subordinates value or want or need.

    Someone one like you, Mary, is what I could have used back then to help me with the disconnect. I needed a unbiased 3rd party (NOT HR) to mediate and show me what the other side is thinking.

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