Great Companies Take Time to Develop Great Leaders


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New research from Hay Group provides empirical evidence that the best companies have the best leaders. In its sixth annual assessment of the impact of leadership recruitment, training and management style on corporate success, the U.S. global management company offers a top 20 list that features familiar names such as General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Pfizer, BASF and Siemens.

These companies outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 40 percent in annual returns in 2010, and all of them said they were successful at leadership planning.

According to Rick Lash, a coauthor from the Toronto office, Hay decides who makes the list by rating responses to a questionnaire about:

  • Leadership development practices
  • Leadership development training programs
  • Culture of support
  • Peer organizations

The survey addresses a shift from hierarchical organization models to a flattened operational style. “Organizations have to have leaders who no longer lead by dint of their title, but are often leading teams less as a leader [than] as a facilitator, where they are not the smartest person in the room,” says Lash. “They’ve got a bunch of people who have all kinds of expertise that you need to bring together to solve these complex problems.” And successful employees must be able to continuously learn from others, he adds.

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Source: Vancouver Sun (Canada) (02/17/11) Simpson, Scott


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