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The Wise Investment – Employee Training

Business seminar

Invest in your employees development

Employee training is essential to any business, but it requires planning and careful management to ensure that time and resources invested in the program are used wisely. Employee training can reduce costly errors and the loss of company reputation and consumer trust. It also boosts …

The Ideal Student LinkedIn Profile (Continued)

Last week after a conversation with my Xavier University mentee about his LinkedIn Profile I wrote a post on a couple key components for an ideal student profile. Well the list was completed so I thought this week I would give you the rest of the key components for a …

Employee Engagement Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee engagement is just one of several factors that managers, CEOs, and other business leaders must invest in to create an optimal workplace. Studies and statistics support the idea that employee engagement is critical to the productivity and success of any business. According to a study by …

Can’t Afford Employee Training Programs? Think Again…

Affordable Training is an option

Small businesses often overlook the value in providing a formal training program. Jeffrey Hull, director of learning services at consulting firm Employers Group, says a formal training program “gives individuals the opportunity to solve some business issues and find new ways of generating revenue.”

Employee …

Make Employee Development a Winning Investment

Invest in your workforce

Invest in your workforce

Small businesses tend to regard training as an optional expenditure. ¬†The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) has found that companies with fewer than 500 employees typically allocate fewer training hours per employee compared with larger companies but also end up spending more per employee.…

How to Improve Communication within Your Organization

Blitz Strategy

What is your communication strategy?

It’s mid-season in the NFL. ¬†Where first year coaches are winning and rookie quarterbacks are making a huge impact.

CEO’s looking to improve communication within their organization and enhance employee engagement can adopt an easy-to-use communication blitz strategy of their own.

Ultimately, it can help …