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Fostering Diversity


Working effectively with all.

Diversity has a serious and direct impact on business results. Successful organizations are able to tap into the brainpower of talented and diverse workforces in order to serve a diversity of customers. Innovative thinking and problem solving is more likely to come from teams comprised of …

Doing Brainstorming, Right!


Brainstorming is both art and science

Working with other consultants on the $100K Business Makeover means we do a lot brainstorming.  And despite with many think there is right way of doing it.  

The key to effective brainstorming: Not stepping on other people’s ideas.

And there is one caveat: You …

The Performance of Others will make you a Great Leader

Hello I AM The Boss

Hello I AM The Boss

When I facilitate my “Leaders vs Manager” workshop for clients, the most important quality of great leaders people will mention, the one quality for which many want to be known, is extraordinary performance, with the goal of achieving extraordinary results.  These results then serve …

What do YOU stand for?

I could also ask, “What does peanut butter have to do with Mike Wallace?”


Bear with me…

Peanut Butter Sandwich

And how does that effect the price of tea in China

Mike Wallace, one of the most pugnacious journalists to walk the planet, left a legacy when he died. He fought for …

The Role of the Executive Coach

Women in business

Executive Coaches are essential

Several aspects of organizational management are challenging to new company leaders. In recent years, companies throughout the world, particularly in the United States, have begun collaborating with executive coaches and building in-house coaching teams. Executive coaches specialize in smoothing the adjustment process after a promotion for …

Employee Engagement Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee Engagment Matters

Employee engagement is just one of several factors that managers, CEOs, and other business leaders must invest in to create an optimal workplace. Studies and statistics support the idea that employee engagement is critical to the productivity and success of any business. According to a study by …