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The Wise Investment – Employee Training

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Invest in your employees development

Employee training is essential to any business, but it requires planning and careful management to ensure that time and resources invested in the program are used wisely. Employee training can reduce costly errors and the loss of company reputation and consumer trust. It also boosts …

Maintaining Morale in Tough Times

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A client of my, during our regular status meeting, wanted some ideas to help her staff maintain morale in tough times. we batted around a few concepts, about reminding people of their accomplishments and reiterating the “Big Picture” vision and objectives.  Then I …

What is the Right Organizational Development Approach for You?

EmberCarriers_color_200x100Organizational Development is really the last thing company leadership thinks about when it comes to moving their business forward.  And really, they don’t even know what it is. 

A majority believe it is simply creating a vision and mission statement.  But then they ask, “What is the right way to

Engaging employees in turbulent times

I stopped watching the broadcast news on a regular basis several years ago.  But you don’t have to be a news junkie to feel the anxiousness of people.  Between the results of the 2012 election, economy and the fiscal cliff people are worked up.


Sharing stories of engagement

This also …

Dispelling Employee Engagement Myths

Dispelling Engagement Myths

Dispelling Engagement Myths

Over the years, conversations with scores of HR and operating executives have convinced us that employee engagement is a huge driver of value, and worth of measuring.  But there are myths to dispel—

Myth 1:  Engagement metrics aren’t linked to financial/operational value

Despite the fact that 96% …

5 tips for creating effective review

Performance Evaluation

As most HR professionals know, an employee review is an essential part of building an effective organization. Just like smart recruiting helps you get the best possible talent, a well-developed employee review process allows you to develop that talent. Conducting reviews takes experience to finesse, but is worth …