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Celebrate Progress and Small Wins

Celebrating Success

Celebrating Your Successes

Recently during a conversation with a client over the summer she was telling about her 5 year old graduation from Kindergarten.  Kindergarten?!? I don’t remember graduating.  A few weeks later I discuss this concept with another consultant who said he never went to his graduation after receiving

Handle Change By Focusing on Them

Time For Change

Time For Change

When there are changes that need to be made in your business, and you ask your people if they are afraid about the upcoming changes, would they answer “yes” or “no?”

Do you think they would tell you the truth, or would they tell you what they

Maintaining Morale in Tough Times

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A client of my, during our regular status meeting, wanted some ideas to help her staff maintain morale in tough times. we batted around a few concepts, about reminding people of their accomplishments and reiterating the “Big Picture” vision and objectives.  Then I …

Self Doubt? Stop It!

No matter how long you have had your company or where you are in your career, CEO’s and company leaders can stay encouraged by learning how to respond more effectively to their

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Don’t let the outside get in!

circumstances. The pressure of running a company or leading a large employee …

How to Cultivate a Truly Collaborative Workplace

Hands in UnityCompanies, no matter how small or large, can take several steps to ensure that they have a more productive and collaborative workplace. One of the first things is to bring in the best talent you can, and to do that you should develop a strong brand. Social media is a …

Engaging employees in turbulent times

I stopped watching the broadcast news on a regular basis several years ago.  But you don’t have to be a news junkie to feel the anxiousness of people.  Between the results of the 2012 election, economy and the fiscal cliff people are worked up.


Sharing stories of engagement

This also …