The Ideal Student LinkedIn Profile (Continued)

Last week after a conversation with my Xavier University mentee about his LinkedIn Profile I wrote a post on a couple key components for an ideal student profile. Well the list was completed so I thought this week I would give you the rest of the key components for a great profile

1. Claim a Personal URL

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Sample

LinkedIn has made it their mission to be the first result in a Google Search when someone googles your name. You can help this matter along by claiming a personal URL. Sorry, John Smith, but you may have to get a little bit more creative with middle initials.

To claim a personal URL, go to the LinkedIn homepage: “Profile > Edit Profile” and use the “edit” button below your photo to create a personal URL.

2. Show Off Your Education and Volunteering

This is your chance, valedictorian or volunteer of the year. Show off how awesome of a student you have been or your countless involvement in organizations.

Perhaps you have volunteered at six nursing homes or shelters in the last year. Whatever it may be, use your efforts from school, volunteer projects and organizations to improve your student profile on LinkedIn.  Don’t be timid. Make sure to include your responsibilities concerning school projects and organizations.

 3. Utilize Group Badges

Having the ideal student profile isn’t just about having badges on your profile. It’s about how you connect with the people in those groups.

Group badges on your profile show others that you’re connected, and moreover, show others that you’re willing to connect. Your willingness to connect lends to the idea that you want to learn from other people. When you want to learn from other people, you don’t look like a know-it-all.

People will make assumptions about you. Make the assumptions count.

4. Endorse and Be Endorsed in Return

You have spent hours creating a detail oriented profile in an attempt to communicate value. In creating a detail orientated profile, you’ve made sure to present the value you’ve brought from past employers and the values future employers may expect from you.

Now, you need someone to confirm this. Endorsements are more informal than recommendations, but they are important in building the ideal student profile on LinkedIn.

Endorsements allow legitimacy to be brought to the value you’re claiming to have. Endorsing someone’s skills on LinkedIn is not complicated. Simply, click “Endorse [this skill]” on an individual’s profile.

What are you waiting for? Endorse a skill and reap the reward.

5. Collect and Give Recommendations

If a former employer or professor is active on LinkedIn, ask former managers, co-workers, and colleagues if they’re willing to write you a recommendation based on your work with them.

Recommendations reinforce the values mentioned in your profile. Also, if one area of your profile is not as compelling as you’d like, recommendations can strengthen a profile.

You’re ready to begin networking!

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