Emotional Intelligence: Go Ahead Cry, Laugh and Scream

A look of contemplation

It's okay to show your emotions

The concepts of emotional intelligence (EI), self-worth, authenticity and employee meditation used to tap employees’ emotional happiness are being picked up by mainstream corporations.

Brochner Hotels, one of Copenhagen’ s oldest and most successful boutique hotel chains, is one business discovering the benefits of EI. Karim Nielsen, the chain’s CEO, sends all hotel employees through EI training to help them become more open and confident, understand their own limitations and fears, and to boost their self-worth and comfort in dealing with other people.

Nielsen uses emotional intelligence to “empower [employees] and make them more of the great people they already are.” He says, “It gives us a very open, expressive work environment, where people are not afraid to speak up and where everyone [is] bringing solutions to the table.”

Dan Iversen, managing director of Behavior Change Specialist, which has trained around 7,000 business leaders across Europe, says feelings really have a place in business. “From kids we’re taught to disregard our feelings, to stop crying when we fall, and to sit still and be quiet. But feelings exist. We accept that and we work with that. It sounds simple but for most people this takes training,” he explains.

Sven Kristensen, CEO of Wuerth Denmark, a multi-national wholesale organization, says EI is so important that the company has built the training into their leadership program.

The research into EI was pioneered by John Mayer, professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire, together with Dr. Peter Salovey. Mayer defines it as “the capacity to reason about emotional information and the capacity of emotional information to enhance thinking.”

Iversen says EI can be implemented in the workforce by using feelings actively in personal and team development, strengthening the self worth in individuals and teams by acknowledging what people do, and to constructing a “no bull-shit” culture for dealing with conflict.

As emotional intelligence gains ground, taboos surrounding it may begin to drop, and Mayer has noticed a sea change in acceptance of EI in recent years.

So blog readers – what you do you think?  Emotions in the workplace – are they a good thing?

Would you like more information about using programs based in emotional intelligence, call (513) 984-9333 for a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss if this a fit for your organization’s development plan.

CNN (11/10/11) Gargiulo, Susanne

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    Emotional Intelligence: Go Ahead Cry, Laugh and Scream | Ember Carriers Blog

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